The rising popularity of the internet marketing and marketplace has brought about a serious competition amongst the marketers and business owners. Brands are vying each other the top place amongst the online market place and looking for ways to increase customer conversion. This is the reason there are many visual designers who have now made a business out of selling and designing exclusive themes for e-commerce websites. The templates for websites are designed based on the need and niche of the product that they are being designed for.

There are many do’s and don’ts of an e-commerce template and websites themes, which should be taken into consideration when the site is being made. The conversion of the customers is highly dependent upon website theme and outlook and the products being sold. Some of the key features that should be taken into consideration when the e-commerce template is being prepared are:

  • The website design should be responsive. Responsive design ensures that the customers do not get fed up easily and enjoy their browsing experience. The responsiveness of the site should be irrespective of the device on which it is being accessed. Since there has been a humongous increase in the number of people who access the websites through their smart phones and tablets, there is an increased need for highly responsive sites.
  • The social media has taken our worlds by storm; there is nothing that we to do, that is not an influence of social media trends, or a shadow of social media oriented thought process. Social media integration is a necessary step when designing the template of the website. This helps the users access and connect whenever they and wherever they want.
  • The website that is bland and has a single landing page is a big time no! Designers should focus on categorization and division of page load, by having multiple pages. Having multiple pages helps in making the client sure of the focused attitude of the owner and at the same time makes browsing much easier.
  • To make sure that your website is amongst the first few searches that Google turns up when a client is looking for a relevant category, you need to be search engine optimized. The content that you put up on your website should be relevant to the searches that people do. SEO will make sure that you turn amongst the top ten when a customer looks up things similar to your products.

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