//Where to Download Website Template

Where to Download Website Template

Templates offer businesses with minimum technical expertise to quickly set-up their websites. Using a template is quite simple with multiple options to customize the template according to your own particular business needs. Having a premium template ensures that your website aesthetically looks appealing so more traffic is drawn towards it.

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Small businesses don’t have unlimited capital and therefore spending your investment smartly is essential. Therefore most people look for free website templates for their online stores. There are multiple vendors online from where one can download their website template. However a few key factors should be common to ensure the credibility of the vendor. Ensure that the template has a nice design and can be easily build and maintained. You won’t require much code apart from some CSS to adjust a few things within the template and deploy it properly.

A few of these template websites are listed below to help you narrow down your choices.


As the name suggests, the website is typically designed to provide quality free template design to new business owners. With over 3400 templates and numerous WP themes, the website is credible and consistent in providing quality product. Presently the website has around 4 million download manifesting its success and popularity amongst online stores.


Opendesigns,org has a vast collection of around 2000 website templates giving multiple options for you to choose from. You can simply download the template that suits best to your business requirements and make adjustments accordingly. The templates will definitely provide a new look to your store and overhaul it completely.


Berta equips the business owner with the necessary tools to craft a beautiful website for themselves. The layout is minimalistic, elegant and responsive. You can have a free trial of the service and if it clicks with you, you can go ahead and purchase the whole template and its features completely.


If the idea of paying for your template haunts you then go to Templatemonster. They understand the importance of providing non-technical people with the right templates filled with features which can be utilized in the business. You can save heaps of time and energy by downloading the template from their website and utilizing it for your web design.

Although free templates are quite attractive for small businesses. However, if you want to take full advantage of website templates, buying a template will be a better option as it will provide uniqueness to your business.

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